Leah Oxendine Miller

Leah Oxendine Miller has been writing, drawing and creating ever since she was little. As of December 2nd, 2017, she is now married to the love of her life, Michael! She enjoys presenting living history demonstrations at American Civil War reenactments. And as Florida’s one-and-only female infantry snare drummer, she is also very passionate about music and can play 9 different instruments, including piano, which is her favorite. She lives to be more like Jesus Christ and to glorify Him in all she does. Besides enjoying her work as a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, author and music teacher, she is especially fond of tea, strength training, exploring, and spending time with friends and family! She is the author of two published books, “The Rebels of Florida”, and “When My Soul Bleeds Words.” Visit her website; www.leahoxendine.com