logo_white_backgroundIn addition to the fun and fellowship, you’ll get to learn from respected Christian teachers during the Florida Shindig.

  • Michael & Debi Pearl
    The Pearls are the founders and leaders of No Greater Joy Ministries and Mr. Pearl is author of To Train Up A Child. The Florida Shindig concept is based on the Pearl’s very popular national Shindigs held in Missouri, Texas, and North Carolina.Update: 11/27/17
    We are so sorry to have to miss the Florida Shindig!! Somehow we double scheduled. We love the Florida Shindig but know that you and your children will totally enjoy Emmanuel Schrock’s teaching. He is the guy that takes Mike’s place at The DOOR. Mike highly recommends him to you. Also, Beth Determan comes highly recommended by me. She taught the ladies at the last shindig (I was there and it was wonderful). Her testimony will thrill your soul. She has earned the right to teach as she is a good wife, excellent mom of 10 children and she has been teaching the Hidden Help Meet to a large group of ladies on Facebook for a year. I am proud of her and know she will be a great blessing. Don’t forget us for the next shindig and please forgive us for the error in scheduling. It was my fault. I have to admit that since we are going to be at a church so far down in southwest Texas, after he preaches, Mike plans to keep driving south to the Golden Triangle on the Mexican border and hunt for a week. Watch for his trophy pictures. Last year he got an elk, wild pigs and 2 deer. For an old dude (72) he is seriously cool.
  • Emanuel Shrock
    Emanuel was raised Amish, but after his big brother Moses came to realize that salvation is by grace through faith, the whole family was turned upside-down. Emanuel came to know the Lord several years later, and later graduated from the Bible Baptist Translator’s Institute in Texas, where he met his wife Courtney. They are preparing to enter the mission field, but in the meantime Emanuel fills in for Mike Pearl at The Door, where he is teaching chronologically through the Bible using the Good and Evil illustrations. These powerpoint presentations, videos and accompanying teaching materials will soon be available as an evangelistic resource for missionaries, churches, ministries and families worldwide!
  • Dr. Raymond Force
    Dr. Force is a Christian life and marriage coach, speaker, and author through the organization Hitting Home Ministry. He serves as a pastor of the Crossroads Bible Church in Ocala, Florida. He also coaches a local homeschool varsity basketball team.
  • Beth & John Determan
    Beth and John are first generation Christians. They were supernaturally grabbed from the pits of hells much like the apostle Paul. They have 10 children from the ages of 4 to 15 years old. And they are GOOD kids. Beth has given her testimony online and can be found at: The Hidden Helpmeet (Facebook group). Beth is Debi Pearl’s favorite “fill-in” for speaking. On Facebook Beth has taught through The Hidden Helpmeet twice to a large closed group and it is available at: The Hidden Helpmeet (we can add you to the group to review) John and Beth enjoy telling their family’s adventures in homeschooling, homesteading and have a really wild beaver story that beats all of Michael pearl’s. We highly endorse them to minister in our stead and know you will thoroughly enjoy having them with you.
  • Jacob Berry
    Jacob was born with a rare type of muscular dystrophy and was given only two years to live. The doctors could see no hope for Jacob’s future, but his family knew in their heart that God had a special plan for his life. They never gave up hope.Today, Jacob faces many challenges in his life but he is an inspiration to everyone he meets. His soul desire is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to see souls saved for the kingdom of God.He is truly a “Miracle On A Mission!” You’ve got to hear Jacob!