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When you click “register online” below, you’ll be:
* registering your family or yourself for the Florida Shindig
* choosing and reserving your accommodations
* choosing your meal plan (optional)
* Edit your existing reservation (log-in and edit meals, rooms, etc.)


1. REGISTER: Each family or single must register in advance.
There is one registration fee for each family, but you must list/register EACH person in your family.

If you can’t stay the whole week, there is a day-pass option (up to two days– more than two days is a family or singles registration).

2. ACCOMMODATIONS. Choose the type of accommodations.
You must choose motel room, family room, RV, tents, or off-site.

If you’re staying/sleeping off-site, there is a required daily per person fee of $8. Money-saving tip: If you have more than five in your family, register as a “tent” (even if you don’t stay in a tent). This is $45 per day and will save you a lot per day on the $8 fee.

3. FOOD. Choose the camp meal plan (optional) or bring your own food.
Dinners are now capped at $70 per family (up to 7 it is $9.00 per person).

Important note: The registration form will not calculate the dinner “cap” in your total. If you’re reserving seven or more for any dinner, we will need to manually recalculate. Please choose “pay at the door” when you register, so we can send you a correct total. Then you can pay by credit card or check. A CHECK IS PREFERRED.

Register Online

Florida Shindig Payment Options

  • If you need to break the payments up into two or three smaller payments, please contact us. This is a ministry, so we’ll work with you! We want everyone to be able to attend!
  • When you register, there is a non-refundable $50 fee required.
  • You can mail a check. This is the preferred payment method. You do not incur extra fees, nor does the Florida Shindig.
  • You can pay online by check, but there will be a small charge in addition to your check (1.5% convenience fee).
  • You can pay online by credit card. The Florida Shindig incurs credit card “discount fees,” which we now pass along to you (3% convenience fee).
  • If you register after January 14, there is a $50 late fee for families and $25 late fee for singles.
  • All Florida Shindig fees are due four weeks before the start of the event on January 21, 2024 (unless you have made alternative arrangements with the Florida Shindig).
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations must be received in writing. Refunds will be given only for cancellations received four weeks before the beginning date of this event, less any credit-card processing fees and the $50 non-refundable deposit. No refunds of any kind will be made after this date.
  • Makes checks payable to North Florida Christian Homeschool Association.

 Florida Shindig, c/o North Florida Christian Homeschool Association
7600 West Highway 329, Reddick, FL 32686

Questions? Please write or call 352-591-4573 (Oxendine home) or 352-258-4606 (Kathy’s cell) Please call or text between 9 a.m. eastern and 8 p.m. eastern)