Cheri Fields

Cheri Fields is a 2nd gen homeschooler with a passion for ‘real’ learning. She uses whole books as often as possible, avoids tests and flash cards worse than lima beans, and delights in Charlotte Mason-style reports. This inspired her to get actively involved in the perfect medium for teaching speech and composition: podcasting.

She has published over 70 episodes of her family’s Creation Science 4 Kids Show, each with a report given by one of her children. When they study science, hundreds of families are blessed—even when the reporter is under 10 years old! All this on a microscopic budget.

Her course teaching podcasting is available on Schoolhouse Teachers .com and you can also find her at her personal ministry, Creation Science 4 (and check out the other creation podcasts she’s fond of) and her day job as curator for The Creation, a subset of David Rives Ministries (another homeschool grad passionate about Biblical Creation and public speaking).