ASGA DC Attendees! You can lead a worksh

ASGA DC Attendees! You can lead a workshop!
ASGA is offering you a chance to lead a workshop at the National Student Government Summit! We’re looking for new ideas, solutions to problems, or creative programs that you can tell everyone about! We’ll even pay you $100 per workshop you lead.
ASGA will provide the projector, but we’ll need you to bring your own computer and hand-outs. Plan for 100 attendees.
Here’s what we need from you to consider you as a presenter:
Your full name
Your title
Your e-mail
Your Phone
Your School
Title of the your workshop (make it catchy and creative)
Workshop description (one paragraph)
Delivery format: Is it lecture? Is it a roundtable discussion?
Presentation Resources: Do you use PowerPoint? Do you have handouts?
Level of interactivity (1 to 5 being highest)
Learning Outcomes: Please list three specific outcomes
Here’s an example of a typical ASGA workshop description
Title: Starting Over: Jump-Starting Your Student Government from Scratch – Butch Oxendine
Description: Many Student Governments are either dormant or struggling, marred by low attendance, poor participation in
elections, and a lack of real purpose beyond throwing parties. Maybe it’s time to reboot and start fresh with a new plan to make your SG more effective and successful. This 10-point step-by-step “action plan” will help you reform your struggling SG.
Delivery Format: Lecture style because of the amount of information provided. The presenter encourages feedback through direct questions throughout.
Presentation Resources: The session utilizes Microsoft PowerPoint, printed handouts, and props.
Level of Interactivity (from 1 to 5 being very interactive): 4
Learning Outcomes. After attending this session, participants should be able to:
• Learn the nine steps to start over and reform your SG
• Understand the proper order and steps to take
• Understand the proper role and function of an effective Student Government.
ASGA is excited about offering this opportunity to student leaders and advisors to contribute great ideas and information to the upcoming National Student Government Summit.
If you’re interested in presenting, please write me personally as soon as possible!
W.H. “Butch” Oxendine, Jr.
Executive Director
American Student Government Association

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