Athletes train constantly to be great in

Athletes train constantly to be great in their sports. Musicians practice and play to challenge themselves to improve. Even resident assistants and student ambassadors often get weeks of training to be able to serve their fellow students and perform their duties. But most Student Government, at most, offer a handful (usually one or two) training retreats for their officers, members, and advisors each year! It’s like a basketball player taking a few shots and expecting to be able to compete against Lebron James! It’s like a guitarist strumming for an hour or two and expecting to be as good as Eddie Van Halen. Just doesn’t make sense at all.
ASGA challenges your Student Government to train all the time! Teach your members their roles. Practice writing resolutions and bills. Learn issues from key stake holders on your campus. Make training part of every meeting you have!
ASGA is working on a brand-new training plan for student governments that we’ll unveil in the new year. Stay tuned! In the meantime, consider training your officers, members, and advisors at one of ASGA’s upcoming conferences! See!

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